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NuttyApps, founded in 2011, is a game development services company. We specialize in providing engineering services to leading game development companies across the world.

Our Process

Conceptualization & Prototyping:

We employ think-aloud methodology to first of all define the scope of game project. During discovery workshop we evaluate and propose a project team, timelines and high level budget required for the game development. The objective of this phase is to build a game design document which gives a 90% accurate estimate of the whole project.


MVP development:

The game design document provides a concrete base for the art and development team to start their work. We develop a working version of your game with limited features within the first 45 to 60 days and call it the minimum viable product. This phase helps make key decisions early such as you can take your MVP for a market trial or seek venture funding etc.


Game Production & Product Management:

We used Agile methods to enhance and upgrade your game. Standard processes involve engineering for feature enhancement, 2D/3D art and animation, game testing, Project management, bug fixing and porting games for cross platforms.


Post Production:

We make sure that once the game is launched it also makes it way to the top charts. We provide complete post production services including publishing, Monetization, data driven marketing and Analytics.

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    Nutty is Super creative and fun to work with. They understand that crafting a game requires more than just a few programmers building complex programs. I found them to be very dedicated at work and enthusiastic in taking up complex tasks.

    Mark Cullinane – Testimonial
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    It has been a fabulous experience working with Nutty. They really are nutts about making games. They have a special knack for art and creativity and really leverage it to build fantastic and engaging mobile games. They have a proactive approach toward employing the latest technologies in developing better and better games.

    James Gladden – Testimonial