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Ninja Arashi is a side-scrolling, role-playing game, where you would be saving your son from the evil intentions of Orochi. Going through a plethora of levels, relish yourself withe three different territories. Utilize your personalized, superb, and acrobatic weapon to terminate foes.

Ninja Arashi Mod APK

Ninja Arashi is a shadow-themed creative fighting game. Primarily, a story of a ninja has been portrayed in this single-player action game. The story of the game commences, as a ninja, named Arashidecides not fighting again. Owing to his age and spending a considerable time, he’s retired now. But, it looks like his desire of retiring is not going to be fulfilled. Because, an evil guy, who was beaten by Arashi 10 years earlier, has returned. He has abducted Arashi’s son and Arashi has no other choice than to return as a ninja.

You are going to play the role of Arashi and do whatever you can, to save your son. There are approximately 45 levels and each level would bring your nearer to you. You must be aware of the fact that Orochi is not alone anymore. He has built an army and you’re supposed to beat that army, before appearing in front of Orochi himself.

Features of Ninja Arashi Mod Apk Unlimited Health and Money

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3 Bewildering Locations

Orochi has taken your son to a far-off place. It means you had better prepare yourself to pass through several locations. To one’s wonder, there are three bewildering locations, where you would be completing your voyage. Nighttime in luxuriant jungles with slew forts and towers, is nothing less than a chimera. Moreover, the nature of impediments is also different in different locations.

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45 Levels to Test Your Skills

The story of this RPG is in episodic form, where each level works as an episode of the story. In total, there are 45 levels and they’re in ascending order, regarding difficulty. It means that level 2 is harder than level 1. Similarly, level 45 is the hardest. Each level is going to test your guts and skills, whether you can succeed or not.

ninja arashi mod apk unlimited health and money

Acrobatically Designed Weapons

Guns, grenades, and pistols are Greek to a ninja. Instead, a ninja uses his acrobatically designed weapons. In Ninja Arashi, you’d find weapons, like a sword, knives, arrows, and other such weapons. Besides, the dashingly fast use of these weapons, makes them more compatible. These are some of the distinctive weapons of Ninja Arashi:

  • Feather Shuriken
  • Hayate
  • Hayakaze

Jaw-dropping Storyline

A fine story, is all that one wants. It wouldn’t the wrong, if we call this game, a story. Because, it’s more like a fairy tale than any other thing. This jaw-dropping story, where Arashi is trying his best to rescue his abducted son, lures magnetically. Besides the 10 years of time lapse between the story drops the jaws of everyone in wonder. Halting the evil intentions of Orochi is far more graceful than it seems.

ninja arashi mod apk latest version 2022

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Dusky, yet Scintillating Art

Whenever we speak of colors, the idea of art pops up in our minds. Because there’s a stereotypical thought that only colors can create a beautiful and excellent piece of art. Darkness, shadows, and night view can also depict jaw-dropping art. In Ninja Hack Mod Apk, one would see aesthetically appealing shadows, majestic night view, shiny fire, captivating moon, luxuriant trees, and a lot of other art-portraying elements.

How to get unlimited money and invincible health?

One has to comply with the ever-changing environmental factors. The difficulty level of the game would keep on changing and it would always get higher and higher. Money will be required to burgeon the quality of weapons, armor, and other items. Similarly, health would enhance the capacity of defense. So both of these items are more than important and their valuable achievement would render you a winner. Now the answer to the above question is simply by downloading and installing this eye-catching modified version.


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