Zombies Ate My Friends APK (Unlimited Gold)

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Zombies Ate My Friends Apk is a spooky game, particularly designed for tablets. In this game, a group of friends is proceeding to a zombie-haunted city, known as Feasterville. The mission of these friends is to unveil the arcane ideas behind this city and discover some clues from different monuments of this city. The greatest challenge during this mission is nothing but their safety from the zombies.

Zombies Ate My Friends APK

Zombies Ate My Friends APK

Imagine paying a visit to the church and ending up being immersed in hundreds of growling zombies. Indeed, nothing could be more spooky than this. To one’s wonder, this is what you will be experiencing in Zombies Ate My Friends. Because the city, you will have to do your job as an explorer, is teeming with zombies. Whether you enter a restaurant or have a glimpse of the police station, zombies will always be following you. However, there are a few safe zones too, where these zombies are unable to get an entry.

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Zombies Ate My Friends APK for android

But the tragedy here is that you cannot stay in your safe zone, all day. Since you are an explorer, so you are supposed to explore the city and face the zombies with your friends. Make sure that at the end of the day, you don’t say that “Zombies ate my friends

Features of Zombies Ate My Friends Apk

Zombies Ate My Friends Free Download

  • In order to ensure your safety of yourself, fence your house in Feasterville, so that no zombie could even think about of devouring you in Zombies Ate My Friends Apk
  • Upgradation of weapons is inevitable if you want to pursue your goal to unfold all the secrets about the town.
  • Get a glimpse of new and trendiest graphics, which are neither 2d nor 3d, but a moderate entity. These cartoon-like graphics will definitely make Feasterville, even more, graceful in Zombies Ate My Friends Apk OBB
  • The gameplay will be running in an ascending order, where each level in Zombies Ate My Friends Apk Hack, will be even more engaging and difficult than the previous


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