Mini Militia Ranks List With All Levels & Cash Rewards 2023

Excluding shooter games is impossible, when it comes to action and thriller. Mini Militia is one such action-packed game, where action begins with never-ending streak of events. A bunch of military men tussles to unleash this action and none of them lags behind while doing this. However, these military men are not equal to each other, since they are superior to some, while subordinate to others. This superiority or subordination is defined by their ranks, which sparkle on the shoulders of these audacious military men. Watch your favorite video on thoptv.

As soon as one joins the military, he commences his journey without any rank. But with the passage of time, a slew of successful operations leads him to higher ranks. Moreover, these ranks also get burgeoned with an elevation of game levels. Currently, there are 21 ranks available in Mini Militia Ranks List 2023. You can get the latest version of Mini Militia Mod Apk. These Mini Militia Ranks List with Levels have been elaborated below:

  • Private —
  • Private First Class — 100 XP
  • Corporal — 500 XP
  • Sergeant — 1000 XP
  • Staff Sergeant — 2000 XP
  • Sergeant First Class — 3500 XP
  • Master Sergeant — 5000 XP
  • First Sergeant — 5750 XP
  • Sergeant Major — 8500 XP
  • 2ndLieutenant — 11000 XP
  • 1stLieutenant — 13500 XP
  • Captain — 16500 XP
  • Major — 19500 XP
  • Lieutenant Colonel — 23000 XP
  • Colonel — 27000 XP
  • Brigadier General — 31000 XP
  • Major General — 35000 XP
  • Lieutenant General — 39000 XP
  • General — 44000 XP
  • General of the Army — 50000 XP
  • Commander in Chief — 100000 XP

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The above Mini Militia Ranks List with Symbols is differentially based on the experience points (XP). The more experience points (XP) one possesses, the higher rank is vested to one. These points range from 100 to 100000. With 100 points, one can only be a private in the army, while with 100000, the rank of commander in chief can be achieved.

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