IMVU Mobile vs IMVU Desktop

A great confusion is found among players, when it comes to the dilemma of choosing the version of IMVU Mod APK. Since there are two features available: IMVU Mobile (classic) and IMVU Desktop (advanced). To ease your tension, the following points are going to assist you to choose the best version for yourself:


You can grab some extra features that offers on specific devices users;

Daily Spins

Daily spins are the easiest ways to earn excellent items in IMVU. However, only those members can relish them, who are using the desktop version. In the case of the classic mobile version, no such spins are available.

Shopping and Outfits

Shopping and outfits are comparatively cheaper on the mobile version than desktop. So if you do not want to spend additional money on your avatar in IMVU ++, then you had better give a go to Classic version.

3D Chats

As long as 3D chats are concerned, they are available in both versions. Nevertheless, the problem is that in the desktop version, only one chat can be activated at one time. On the other hand, the mobile version supports multiple three-dimensional chats.

Better Framerate

Framerate or frame per second is obviously going to be better and higher in the desktop version than the mobile version. But there is a condition too, that this version of IMVU demands higher space than the classic version.

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