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GB WhatsApp Download is nothing, but the enhanced form of simple official WhatsApp messenger. Which is the globe-conquering social application, where people can get connected in hundreds of ways. From sharing of media to intake of information, everything has twofold efficiency in this special mod of the messenger.

GB WhatsApp Download

Being unfamiliar with WhatsApp is quite ridiculous in 2023. Making its debut in the world of the internet in 2009, it conquered the global community in less than no time. A credible survey avers that there are 2.44 Billion active users of this winsome app. The value of the app has even more burgeoned since it came under the supervision of ‘Meta.’ In short, we cannot deny the value of this messenger, which has become an inevitable element of our lives.

GB WhatsApp is the evolved form of the same messenger. A few reputed developers took the requests of users under consideration and filled all the loopholes of the original app. Plenty of new features were added to the old application and it resulted in a jaw-dropping app. But, due to a few deviances from the official policies, this modified version was thrown out of Google Play Store and Apple Store. So the only way to download this app is to download the Apk file from our website.

GBWhatsApp APK Download for Android

Name GB WhatsApp Pro Apk
Size 19.40
Must-have Android 4.0/iOS 12
Version Latest
Charges Free of Cost
Specialization Hides Online/Last Seen etc.

Features of GB WhatsApp Download for Messenger

Find the following features in this app:

The Unseasoned Mode

Today, you might find a slew of mode applications of WhatsApp, including some bogus viruses. But, if you flashback a little, then you would realize that there were not many modes, back then in the 2010s. GB WhatsApp Old Version is the earliest mode ever made. The unseasoned mode satisfied its users with its performance and credibility, that millions of users, if not billions, begged for this app. You may also would love to have Gb whatsapp download on your Android device and enjoy unlimited extended features.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

Transfers More Media

The original or official application of this messaging firm, sends more or less 30 pictures, at one time. Contrary to it, this mod app permits users to send 90 pictures, simultaneously. Surprisingly, the quality is not sabotaged too – rather it gets enhanced somewhat. Ultra high definition video can also be sent, which had better be under 50 MB. In the original app, this limit is far lesser than the limit of the mod. High-quality audio files of tremendous memory can also be shared seamlessly.

GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

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Do Not Disturb (DND)

Have you ever encountered a situation, when you wanted to use the internet, but didn’t want to receive any message on WhatsApp? But that’s not feasible, because as soon as you turn your data connection or Wi-Fi on, and a heap of messages would shake your head. However, GB WhatsApp Download For PC has a particular feature, by which you can retard or receive messages at any time. It is known as the “Do not disturb (DND)” mode. Just enable it, when you don’t want to get disrupted and deactivate mode when you’re free.

Be the Ghost

By nature, human beings are inquisitive and they want to know things at any cost. At the same time, they don’t want to be caught by anyone. So is the case with social media, where we want to see what other people are doing, yet don’t want to grab others’ attention. It’s like being a ghost and spying on others without getting noticed. The practical depiction of this desire of human beings gets occurred in this app. Where you can watch their status and remain unnoticed. The same goes for reading messages.

GBWhatsApp Plus APK 2023

Save Your Favorite Status

We all know that there’s a feature of WhatsApp, by which users can update their status. This status goes to all the contacts unless we make any alternation. At times, we like the piece of media on their status and want to save that. But there’s a no way to do that except asking the owner to send us. It doesn’t feel suitable to ask again and again. Therefore, in WhatsApp GB, one would get a prebuilt trait, through which one can save others status in less than no time.

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How do I update it and get know about that about?

There is no rocket science in updating this mod Apk. It’s quite easy, if you have downloaded the right app, rather than a virus-containing file. Whenever an update is released, you’d get a notification with a link. Simply click on that link and the app will be updated spontaneously.

Is Gb WhatsApp safe for my device

The trend of using such modified versions, is getting high day by day. Even people have start using GB Instagram New Version, rather than simple app. This GB mod is the earliest and no case of security threat has been reported, since its release. It means, it’s safe for your device, up to an extent. Yet, there are some risks, because it has been built by 3rd party.

How am I supposed to get 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same device?

Well, with this app, you can use 2 accounts on the device. First in the official app and second in this modified Apk file. However, make sure that you’re using different number for both accounts.


If official WhatsApp messenger is a bare cake, then GB WhatsApp is the icing on that cake. Because, it has all those features, which can neither be found on real app, nor on its alternatives. This unseasoned mode was the earliest among all the available modes. Besides, it performs all the functions with twofold efficiency. Saving other’s status; making your privacy unbreakable via DND; spying others, and sharing media in high-quality are some of the modified features of this app. To put everything in a nutshell, we may say that this mode is a must-have application for everyone.


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