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Last Hope TD is a tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players defend their base against hordes of zombies and other monsters, using a variety of weapons and upgrades to survive!
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In this role-playing game (RPG), one has to enroll oneself in the list of those honorable heroes, who are going to be the messiah for people. Since, in this strategic game, you will be defending your establishments by making your towers invincible. This invincibility will help you win the zombies vs heroes battle.

Last Hope TD Mod APK Unlock All Heroes

Some harmful creatures – abundant in numbers and invincible – have invaded human beings. They are known as zombies and these zombies are wandering all around. Therefore, to survive, human beings need some safe space. Zombies must not enter this territory of human beings. If zombies enter there, then viruses would spread there too.

Therefore, one must build towers and from those towers, security should be monitored. Besides, some heroes will be deployed all around these towers to manage these towers. As zombies are willing to obliterate your homeland, so you must pick the worthy heroes and train them hard. Lastly, apply strategically correct approaches to succeed in Last Hope – Tower Defence.

Features of Last Hope TD Latest Version

Get the following features:

Adopt or Die!

The game is focused on the rule that change is only constant. The number of zombies, as well as difficulties, enhance with the increase in level. The higher the level, the more difficult is the situation. This shakes the senses of the gamers and tests their skills. So you’re supposed to alter and mold your strategy accordingly. If you keep on clinging to the same policy, then your flesh will be lying on the dinner table of zombies. In this way, Last Hope TD Apk provides a personalized experience to everyone.

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Skills Need to Be Polished

The hero of yours is not a hero by birth. He needs to be trained – skills will only be depicted after polishing the character of your hero. So training may be deemed as the backbone of your hero’s strength. Without training, you may be an easy target for zombies and your colony will be the abode for dangerous zombies.

last hope td mod apk unlimited everything

Pick the Worthy Hero

You might be offered a slew of heroes. But not all of them will be able to fight vigorously for the defense of the motherland. Using the strategy, choose the worthy one, who is a real savior. Since all the heroes are powerful, yet their power needs to be polished and they must be chosen accordingly. However, there is no restriction over the selection of heroes. The following heroes are the prominent ones:

  • Sheriff
  • Barbarian
  • Princes
  • Solider
  • Witchdoctor
  • Mechanic
  • Scout
  • Mech Warrior
  • Scientist

last hope td mod apk unlock all heroes

Ammunition is Adequate

Everyone would get intimidated at the first sight of the zombies. This fear seems justified because of their whopping large numbers and evil strength. But to rectify this, your team’s weapons will also be adequately available. No matter how fast do you use these weapons, their availability would never end.

The Excellent Towers

The central focus of the game is nothing else but TOWERS. So it would be a quite an unjustified act, if we do not discuss the towers. A slew of towers will be held responsible for the safety and security of your establishments. In fact, these towers guarantee the success of a player in Last Hope TD Easy Money. Out of many towers, these towers hold a tremendous role in your survival battle:

  • Poison
  • Stomp
  • Anti-Air
  • Sentry
  • Sniper

Facts About Last Hope TD MOD Apk Unlimited Money

  • The difficulty level of the game is divided into a number of categories – so that each player may play accordingly – where the hardest level is deemed to be ‘Nightmare.’
  • The game has been set on the undeveloped western side of the European territories, where cowboys wander to establish law.
  • The monuments, with red-line, are most vulnerable and exposed to zombies – one needs to protect these – no matter whatever it takes.
  • In this game, no hero is stronger than the others – however, they perform aptly according to situations. For instance, if one hero does well on the field, doesn’t mean he would do the same in the battleground.


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