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March 07, 2024
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In Pixel Car Racer, you will exam different race matches can be witnessed which take place in the streets. The flow of traffic doesn’t allow any driver to drive smoothly. On the other hand, speed is also inevitable to win the race. So, drifting is the only factor, that allows racers to win the race, even in tremendous traffic flow and close alleys.

Pixel Car Racer Wangan Edition Download

At times, one does something for the very first time and feels as if one has been doing this for decades. The task, which requires a considerable time, some people do it in less than no time. And it only happens, when someone is gravely interested in something. And if you’re interested in racing (or more precisely, street racing), then Pixel Car Racer New Horizons Download is meant for you.

In this drag racing game, with over a hundred cars with more than 1000 additional parts, one can go from rags to riches. Winning one after another racing would render the player as a top-notch racer of the streets. Besides, your customisation will need a safe place, where you could implant all the essential stuff to your vehicle. For this purpose, you will be given a separate garage of your own.

Features of Pixel Car Racer Wangan Edition Download

The following are some of the prominent features:

Never-ending Racing Cars

Racing are neither peaceful nor child’s play. In a race, people witness competition, hustle, violence, duels, and a lot of other disturbing factors. After all these, it’s impossible for a car to remain safe and sound. Therefore, racers need a slew of cars and luckily, in this edition, one would be getting 100 novel and superb cars. It means, if you ride a completely new car, it would take 100 days to give a go to all the cars in Pixel Car Racer Horsepower Hack.

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Aesthetical Pixelated Graphics

PCR Wangan Edition proves all of those people wrong, who aver that pixelated graphics are outdated. Indeed it’s a fact that such visuals are not very common these days, yet their depiction with modern style makes the best combination. Withal, the practical depiction of these aesthetically appealing graphics can be reckoned with by the positive rating and the download count.

Dive Into the Ocean of Spare Parts

By default, all the cars are the same – some spare parts are added to them to make them distinguished. Otherwise, cars of the same model and company, work under the same mechanics. Understanding this crucial factor, Pixel Car Racer Speed Hack offers you to dive into the ocean of spare parts. There is neither one nor two, but one thousand spare parts. One can customize one’s cat easily and enjoy the status of the individual driver with the personalized vehicle.

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Excellent Social Privileges

Nowadays, social media platforms are the platforms to brag about things. People would upload their achievements and would impress their followers or friends. To keep the decorum of this modern trend you ought to share your achievements too. Even if you’re good at playing games, just share them. But how? Well, in PCR Apk, one can save all the progress online in cloud storage. Besides, the Facebook account can be thoroughly linked with the game.

Enjoy a Manual Touch

In almost all racing games, players have little control over driving. They can only use accelerators, brakes, or steering. But unlike other racing games, Pixel Car Racer permits you to use gears too. You can change the gears manually. Shift from one gear to another, according to needs – force, torque, and momentum. Withal to this, realistic engines are also nothing less than chimeras.

Pixel Car Racer New Horizons

This Wangan Edition is inspired by the renowned Japanese series – Wangan Midnight. This classical series revolved around street racing and cars. Therefore, in Pixel Car Racer Wangan Edition, street racing is the core objective of the plot and cars are the characters of this plot. The resources are limitlessly available in this modified, yet easily downloadable version of the game. Therefore, your search for an astonishing Wangan Edition ends here.


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