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A popular mobile game that combines elements of strategy and card collecting. In this game, players must build their deck of powerful plants and zombies and battle against other players to earn rewards and climb the ranks!
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March 07, 2024
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Strategy games are one of the prominent and impressive genres among gamers. By playing strategy games we can enhance our strategic skills to a great extent. Today we will discuss a unique strategic card combatting game among plants and zombies: Plants vs Zombies Heroes. If you are enthusiastic to watch a unique battle between plants and zombies then stay with us.

It is a casual offline strategic game in which plants battle zombies. It depends on the user, whether they want to play as a plant or a zombie. It has crossed almost 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store due to its incredible features.

About PvZ Heroes MOD APK

PvZ Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Money & Gems

Plants vs Zombies is a casual strategy game in which plants and zombies have to fight with each other by using cards. It is a single as well as competitive multiplayer offline game. In this game there is no wrong or right, just you have to combat your rivals. The player can play a role of a plant or a zombie depending on their mood.

At the start of the game, zombies will attack the plants initially then plants will battle with the zombies. By playing the role of zombies you can use tricks to strike plants surprisingly. If you did not have sufficient combatants then the taller general will strike. Some tricks are stronger than others but if players playing the role of zombies will utilize tricks appropriately then they can change the game.

The advantage of playing the plants’ role is their combatants are strong and they can counterbalance the zombies’ tricks easily. On each side of the chessboard, there are five distinct card classes possessing different strengths. Kabloom, Smarty, Solar, Guardian, and Mega glow are the five-card classes of plants. On the other hand, Beastly, Crazy, Brainy, Sneaky, and Hearty are the distinct heroes classes of zombies. Each hero is a mixture of the five distinct car classes of each side.

The Gameplay

Let’s look at the striking features of plants vs Zombies which has won millions of hearts throughout the world.

PvZ Heroes Mod APK all Heroes Unlocked

Almost 20 distinct plants and zombies heroes. Each hero possesses different powers. So choose your favourite hero according to the particular situation to defeat your rivals easily in the game because all the heroes are unlocked at the start of the game in its mod version. Make unique but stunning strategies to overcome your opponents in less time. Remember if your strategies are not satisfactory then it is difficult to beat your foes, especially the bosses.

PvZ Heroes Mod APK All Heroes Unlocked

Build Your Team

Create your team by choosing epic heroes featured in the game to defeat your rivals. With a strong team, it is also essential for you to make an impressive strategy. If you miss any factor from both of them then it is more difficult for you to win the game. So choose your team wisely. PvZ Mod Apk Mod Menu also features an auto team builder. By using this feature you create your team automatically and also upgrade your team when needed.

PvZ Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Gems and Suns

Beat The Bosses

Barriers make the game more fascinating. Beat the giant bosses possessing erratic power. It is essential for you to hit the boss to clear a particular level or chapter. So be ready to confront the bosses and make unique strategies to crush the giant bosses.

Infinite Hearts

Hearts are the lives of the plants in the PvZ Heroes Apk. Plants can die only after two or three crusades. It is a potential of the plants to endure your rivals’ attack safely. Having numerous hearts means extra lives to combat with your rivals. But in its standard app, you have limited hearts which sometimes seems hectic. But by playing PvZ Heroes you can combat your rivals invincible because it featured unlimited hearts. By using these infinite hearts you can crush your rivals easily.

Ad Free

Even in the latest version of Plants vs Zombies Heroes, you have to watch a lot of ads while playing your game. Watching several ads while playing a game is very exhausting sometimes because it ruins the whole pleasure of the game. If you are tired my watching ads while playing your game then download its mod version to enjoy your game smoothly without facing any interruption.

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Key Features

  • Go on heroic adventures while exploring the world detailed map featured.
  • Daily challenges to earn rewards.
  • Complete the daily challenges quickly to earn exclusive rewards.
  • 3D striking graphics. Both the plants and zombies look sharp and stunning and all the stuff looks vibrant due to the incredible colour scheme. It engages its users by featuring fascinating music in the background.
  • It is compatible with all android devices of version 4.4 or above it.
  • Compete with your friends by observing their positions on the leader board.
  • Link your game with your Google or any social media account to continue your game from where you left it last time on some other device.
  • Completely free to download.

PvZ Heroes MOD Features

Features of PvZ Heroes MOD APK

A wise man once uttered that everything is fair in war and love; thereby you had better install PvZ Heroes MOD APK Unlimited Gems Latest Version. Because its features are fair enough to terminate zombies, during this deadly war.

Unlocked Heroes

Those primary characters, which are playable in the game, are deemed to be the heroes. With unique invasion signs and capabilities, each hero holds different values. Unfortunately, only a few heroes are accessible, and one has to go through some grudging phases to unlock them. To one’s wonder, in PvZ Heroes MOD APK All Heroes Unlocked, there will be no lock over heroes’ heads.

Unlimited Sun

According to science, plants require sunlight to stay alive (as in the process of photosynthesis), and so is the case in PvZ Heroes APK. As here, you are also going to need the sun to tussle against furious zombies. Getting exposure to this rare sun is way more arduous than anything else. However, there is no need to get anxious about it, because it provides sunlight limitlessly.

Unlimited Gems

A plethora of packages are available at in-game stores, which are somewhat expensive too. Nevertheless, this unaffordability is not measured through real money, rather it is measured through gems. As gems are extremely thin on the ground, so are those packages. To ease this obnoxious state, PvZ heroes mod menu only is at your service, with limitless gems.

Unlimited Guns

The soul of every fight remains in its weapons, and this soul is seen in the guns, in the case of PvZ heroes mods. Those guns, which other players crave but are unable to grab, will be given free of cost. So, pick any gun of your choice and pierce your bullets through the heads of zombies.

Costless Shopping

In place of the simple version, if you install pvz heroes ohio mod, then tensions and worries will be unknown terms to you. Because this reshaped version cheers you up with costless shopping of different items from in-game stores.

Unlimited Coins

The cherry on top of the cake is given with unlimited coinsfor this game. PvZ heroes unlimited gems not only provides gems to fortify your characters against zombies. All other minor, yet valuable currencies are also added to your wallet here.


PvZ Heroes Mod Apk is one of the impressive games of Electronics Arts. It is basically a strategic game that involves battling among plants and zombies. Its mod version is completely ad-free and free to download. So why are you waiting? Download its mod version if you want to explore its stunning features completely for free.


Is Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk Unlimited Money available for PC?

Yes, is available for PC. You can easily download it from Google to enjoy its stunning features on the big screen.

How to get unlimited gems in PvZ Heroes 2022?

If you want to get unlimited gems in its standard app then you have to spend your real money. But if you want to get unlimited gems for free then download its mod version instead of its standard app.


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