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On a very uneventful day, your cell phone rings and captivates your attention. As soon as you proceed to see who’s calling you, an unknown number with no details appears on the screen. Now you are stuck in a dilemma of whether you should pick up the call or not. It could be a valuable call from the office, where you left your CV or it can also be a menacing call from a hacker who intends to steal your assets. In this struggle of ideas, it’s arduous to take a decision and therefore a middle-ground should be devised, where you could know the caller before even picking up the call. Surprisingly, this miraculous middle-ground is created by TrueCaller Premium Apk.

Truecaller Premium App

This application is a caller app, which tells you some details about the individual, who is calling you. Any kind of threat is immediately detected and blocked. Your inbox, call history, and other portions are kept tidy and sorted with an astonishing system of the app. In addition to these, there are several other benefits of it.

Caller Name Truecaller App Download

Features of Truecaller: Caller ID & Block APK

Feel secure with the following features of this app:

Incorruptible Caller ID Recogniser

Regardless of the geographical location, county, or any other identifying element of the caller, it is infeasible to breach the security system of this mighty application. Basically, once you create an account in this app, a shield surrounds your smartphone and whosoever calls you (whether he/she has Truecaller ID or not) will have to pass through the identification spots.

Android Truecaller Premium

Certified Business Calls

So what happens usually is we admire a few business promotions while abhorring the rest of them. The reason behind this is we have an extremely saturated choice of receiving business promotions. The problem here is that banning a business promotion bans all other promotional content too. Whereas, Truecaller Apk has an extremely useful approach to this challenge. Here businesses are verified on the basis of their authenticity. So you get real-time impactful business calls only.

TrueCaller Premium Mod Apk

A Short Video Prior to the Call

Before picking up a call from your friends or loved ones, it would have been far better to have a glimpse an Introductory video of them. It could answer a lot of questions that why they want to call us or what is their objective behind this calling. So that you may not be embarrassed after picking up the call and act accordingly. This is what you must expect from Truecaller Premium, because it would enlighten you with such kind of information.

Stunning Messaging Experience

Most of the messages we receive nowadays are the products of telemarketing, in which certain products are promoted through messages. Truecaller is designed in such a wonderful manner that it professionally identifies such marketing messages and put them in the spasm queue at the very first moment. So your inbox will not be teeming with useless marketing SMS, and only specific messages will be allowed to enter your inbox.

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Spacious Backup Cloud

Everyone takes great care of one’s data lest one should lose the data. Same goes for the history and data in caller apps, since they cannot hold your data for long period. Luckily, Truecaller Android Download is directly linked to Google Drive, which means all of your data is being collected in your default 15 GB of Google’s space. In case of Apple, the data is stored in your Apple cloud without any condition.

What’s About Truecaller Premium Mod APK

Everything you read in the above section, was revelations about the app, which is typically downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Whereas, this section unfolds the details about this Apk file, which you will download from this site. Since in this application, you may find two major variations: standard and premium. The standard version is limited to a few basic features and is sabotaged by plenty of advertising content. On the other hand, the premium version of the app holds some extraordinary features, which cannot be utilized in an ordinary version of the app.

However, there is a problem in this premium version users are supposed to pay real money to get access to superb features. At this point, when the users are being thrashed by the demand for payment, jump TrueCaller Premium Mod Apk and resolve this issue by unlocking premium features for free. The following features reveal details about this modified version:

v TrueCaller Premium Themes

There are certain themes with high elegancy and design, known as the premium themes. Only a limited number of users (who pay money) are allowed to demonstrate these themes in their applications. A case in point is the Gold Dark theme, which should technically be used by premium users. But this app lets you enjoy it for free.

v Thoroughly Safe and Secure

Even though this app is unbelievably safe and secure, there are some loopholes in the simple version, which may prove vulnerable in front of extreme malware. Therefore, this premium-modified app has an even more burgeoned safety and privacy policy.

v Bid Adieu to Ads

As far as ads are concerned, there is nothing to be worried about, because neither ads nor other promotions will hamper your smooth experience in this app. So install this Apk file and bid adieu to the advertising content.

v A to Z Unlocked

The app is unlocked from top to bottom or A to Z. Not even a single part of this Apk file is restricted or locked. So get immersed by the unlocked captivating factors in this application.


TrueCaller is one of those must-have apps, which assist a lot with their uncharted services. Based on the performances, the app has been divided into two forms where this Apk file is the premium as well as modified. Having an unbreakable security system and jaw-dropping features, this app serves as a great companion. While modification of this premium app takes it to perfection.

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FAQs About Truecaller Android App

What does it mean to have premium as well as mod simultaneously in Truecaller App?

There is no wonder that this call blocker is a paid application, for which one might be asked to purchase a subscription. But this Apk file is the modified variation, which means it cracks the structure of the app and makes it free.

What does Truecaller Premium do?

Well, there are several tasks that are perfectly carried out by this simple application, but primarily it is supposed to recognize the person who is calling you and maintain your security and privacy.

How many permissions will I have to vest to this app?

Regardless of other minor permissions, you had better provide permission to the call log, telephone, camera, and storage. Other permissions like vibrations, sounds, and other stuff are not mandatory.

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