WWE Immortals MOD APK v (Unlimited money, all characters)

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March 07, 2024
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WWE Immortals Mod Apk is a fighting game, that features real WWE superstars with their corresponding ace fictional characters. From start to finish, every aspect of the game is so consummate, that it looks like a console-level game.

WWE Immortals MOD APK

There is a mysterious dark lantern in the cosmos of WWE. That lantern contains some magical powers. The idiosyncratic management of WWE somehow unleashes that lantern. Consequently, the dark magical powers have spread all around.

Therefore, all the superstars of WWE have turned into some fictional characters. From this point, the command of the story falls in your hands. Now you have to continue the story, by fighting arduously and completing of all levels. There are a lot of characters in the game.

So some characters are locked and must be unlocked manually. However, if you install the modified version of the game, WWE Immortals then all the characters would be accessible.         

Features of WWE Immortals MOD APK All GPU

The following features help this game to be a top-notch game:

Real Superstars in Fictional Roles

WWE Immortals encompasses all the real superstars of WWE, such as The Rock, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Big Show, etc. But these characters do not fight in the same way, as they do in the ring. Every character has been transitioned into a fictional character. The fictional or immortal character also matches with the real character, but with an entire novel interface.

wwe immortals mod apk unlimited money and platinium

Multiple Allotropes of Superstars

WWE Immortals Mod Apk OBB is such an ace game, that here you would discover multiple allotropes of the same character. For instance, if you want to play with Daniel Bryan, then you would find 3 Daniel Bryan. Despite being the allotropes of the same character, all those superstars share different features. Thus, the installation of this epic game becomes worth it. Because, in any WWE game, this feature cannot be detected.

wwe immortals mod apk all characters unlocked

A Story, that Catches Attention

No one, literally no one can imagine a storyline in wrestling games. Exceptionally, there is a storyline, not just a storyline, but a consummate storyline in WWE Immortals Mod Apk. Initially, you would be given a slight clue about the story. And then the rest of the story remains continued throughout the gameplay.

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Real Finishers of All WWE Stars

If you have ever seen a WWE match, then you must be aware of the fact that the best moment is none other than the finisher. In WWE, every wrestler has his own particular finisher. For instance, Roman Reigns’ finisher is deemed to be ‘Spare’ and ‘Superman Punch.’ WWE Immortals entertains all such finishers of the wrestlers in a unique style.

wwe immortals mod apk latest version 2022

A Console Level Game in Mobile

No one is oblivious of the fact that the games of mobile phones are relatively lower than the games of consoles. Nevertheless, WWE Immortals shook the world of gaming by creating this winsome combat game in such low space. At very first sight, everyone would wonder how could such a game run on a mobile phone. The visuals, audio, story, effects, mechanics, and a lot of other aspects help this game to stand under the spotlight.


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