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March 07, 2024
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Shadow fight 3 mod apk is the 3rd release of the famous Role-playing battle series of shadow fight. Choose your hero which you like according to their battle or combo skills and fight against online players.

Shadow fight 3 mod apk

Shadow Fight 3 is a complementary game in the series of shadow brawling games, where fighting with dark powers unfolds a story. The peculiarity of this version lies in its visuals since vibrant characters are portrayed brawling with each other, rather than colorless blackish characters. Besides, a plethora of other improvements assists this game to hold a superior position to its predecessors.

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The Storyline of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

The story of Shadow Fight takes place in that ancient time when the dark powers of shadows were encapsulated in an arcane temple. This temple is somehow found by the three mighty clans, which are Legion, Dynasty and Herald. Now the tragedy here is that all the clans claim to be the rightful heir to shadow powers. So, in the temple, a fight erupts among the members of 3 majestic clans and during that fight, the object breaks down to pieces and the shadow powers get emancipated. In less than no time, the entire planet gets immersed by the billowing dark powers. Here comes the decisive point for the players, because there are 3 clans with entirely different opinions. So whichever clan is chosen by the player, will infer the ending of this game.

Fighting as a Legion will portray a different ending than fighting as a member of the Herald. So is the case with Dynasty. It means you have got to decide which world, which fight, and which ending of the game, you aspire to participate in or witness. To know more about the story, immediately Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk. You can download shadow fight 3 mod apk from

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Features of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

These are some of the features of this game:

Unforeseen 3d Visuals

As a matter of fact, 3d visuals are no longer rare these days. But the case of Shadow Fight 3 Apk is somewhat different, because, in the previous versions of this bewitching game, we have seen somewhat different and dark graphics. Complying with the title of the game, only gloomy shadows were utilized among brawling characters. Whereas now, a whole new world of colors has opened up, where each character sparkles more majestically than the others.

3 Sundry Fighting Styles

As mentioned earlier, there are three representative clans in this online RPG, where players are supposed to pick only one. These clans are different in their traditions, cultures, and fighting styles too. One of them is deemed to be the Ninja, while others are Knight and Samurai. From weapons to costumes, everything is different among the members of these clans. Your powers become sword and riding if you pick the Knight. Other factions provide other powers.

Personal Items in Gear

Unlike those old-school games where prebuilt weapons, outfits, and other useless items are given, here your personal choices are extremely respected. An empty gear will be provided to you, which is later filled by you and your personal choices. In this way, it becomes less like choosing a character and more like making an avatar. Because, in your personal gear, you will have all those elements, which you will need throughout your voyage in this stunning RPG, especially when you reach mobile legend offline.

Stunning Interlinking RPG

RPGs are often recognised by their nature of storytelling and lonely gameplay, which are played in a solo manner. A player is supposed to accomplish the story by connecting the dots. Contrary to it, this game is such a stunning RPG, where players find an opportunity to join hands of each other. They get closer to each other via online battling system of this game, since players have to get interlinked to meet the ending of this game.

Limelight Awaits You!

As it is an online game, so your accomplishments as well as losses are showcased throughout the globe. Since the topmost players must be prioritised, so the specialized leaderboard is going to glorify you, if by any chance, you fall under the banner of top 100 players. Limelight, where only winners (most scorers) will be featured, will be waiting for your arrival. So play judiciously and score that high, so that you may be counted among 100 players on the acme.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD INFO

The latest version of this refashioned game is adorned with the following poignant features:

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk Unlimited Everything And Max Level

If you have ever given a try to any game from this franchise, then you must have an idea that how difficult it is to reach to the maximum level. However, no need to worry at all, as long as you have this mod with everything unlimited.

Unlimited Money And Gems

The primary currency in SF3 is nothing but Shadow Energy. This primary currency cannot be availed directly, since the players are supposed to procure it with coins and gems. In this way, with this mod, where you get unlimited money and gems, players can have unlimited Shadow Energy (the primary currency).

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk Menu

Respecting your personal desires, a mod menu is also attached to this game, so that you may modify controls, settings or other minor parts of the game.

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Special Edition

With this special edition, you will stand out and brawl with audacity. The reason behind this is nothing but a few special features, which are only provided to those players who have downloaded this Apk file of special edition.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk Without OBB

As OBB files occupy extra space and make the working of the game a little bit lagging, so neither OBB nor any other additional file will be found in this jaw-dropping game. Moreover, this absence of OBB does not affect the efficiency of the Mod.

General FAQs

  • Is this installment of the game a sequel to the previous versions?

Yes, this game is a sequel to other games (Shadow Fight and Shadow Fight 2), but with a different storyline. Although Nekki has built this game along with other games, but it’s story is extremely uncharted.

  • Will I be able to change the difficulty level on the later stages of Shadow Fight?

No, you are asked only for the very first time and you have to choose immediately. From that point to the ending of the game, there comes no point, where you can alter the difficulty level of this epic game.

  • What is the shortcoming of Shadow Fight 3?

There is a drawback in this game too, which is nothing but unbalanced powers in duels. It means, if you have 500 points, this game will compel you to fight with a person having 1000 points. In this way, the one with higher points wins in an unjustified manner.

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