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March 07, 2024
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A cooked dish, without toppings, doesn’t seem perfect. So is the case with simple WhatsApp, which is incomplete without additional features. Aero WhatsApp Apk Download is a blindsiding variation, where a slew of multiple features act as the toppings to the real, yet simple app. Having a registered phone number is enough for launching an account on this messenger.

Aero WhatsApp APK Download

Generally, copies are deemed to be cheaper and of low quality. But when it comes to mods, which are nothing, but the copies of original app, then everyone craves for these. Have you ever wondered that why people do this? If not, then this article is meant for you. Because, after reading this, you will be able to distinguish a simple application from a modified variation.

Primarily, Aero WhatsApp Old Version is nothing, but an expanded form of real socialspy whatsapp. Real features are available with some subtle changes. But the real action begins, when modified features are uncovered. These features are miraculous that people would call you a magician. For instance, you’d be able to recover deleted messages – which is almost impossible. Similarly, there are tons of such features, which are elaborated below.

Name Aero WhatsApp
Size 70M
Must-have Android 4.3/iOS 9
Charges Free of Cost
Version 10.10
Specialization High Compatibility

Features of WhatsApp Aero APK Download Update

In the latest version the following features are prominent:

Stay Unnoticed, While Remaining Online

So generally what happens, we are online and people start messaging us. But we don’t want to chat with everyone or we have to deal with some chunks. Rather than talking to our desired person, we have to answer and talk to everyone. Not anymore, because WhatsApp Aero Apk will never allow anyone to see that you’re online. You’ll remain online without even getting noticed.

The “Message Scheduler” Feature

There’s a promising opportunity for businessmen and even for common job holders. Now, they can put recipient’s number and simply type the message for that recipient. Withal to this, set date and time, when you want your message to be delivered. After that, get tension free, because it will be delivered automatically. Your customer or boss will be the happiest person, when your punctuality will be depicted.

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The Inbred Lock

If we had to rank apps on the basis of privacy, then WhatsApp would have taken the top-notch spot. Because, all of our secrets and private pieces of information are hidden here. Therefore, we don’t want anyone else to get access to our private information. WhatsApp Aero Download is going to solve this problem by providing everyone with an inbred lock system. One can hide the desired chat, and only after putting the pin code will that chat or even the entire app be opened.

Hide Your Media in Gallery

The media files, sent to you via WhatsApp, are directly appeared in your gallery. Whether these are videos or pictures, no one can stop them from coming into people’s access through gallery. Audio files are also vulnerable to this security threat. However, there’s a way, by which you can conceal whatever you want to conceal. Just go to the settings of the app and hide them. No new media will be shown ever again in gallery. Already available media will also never be shown.

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Easy Update Process

This feature help it to win against all other mods of this kind. There’s an option for “Updates” in this app. There you’d find change logs and all new updates. One can easily scan for updates and direct updates from the website. Of course, this feature is best among all other WhatsApp Aero Features.

They have completely access to my device. Should I be worried?

No, one should not be worried at all. The reason they ask for this access, is only for the proper functioning of the device. It halts bugs and errors. There’s nothing to be worried about.

How can I use this Apk file in my PC?

There are 2 primarily and authentic ways to use this mod on PC. Either you can go for a web version of the mod. Which simply can be opened via QR code scanning. On the other hand, Aero WhatsApp Download For PC can be downloaded, which is specially meant for PC.

Does it permit the user to get multiple accounts?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to have more than 1 account. However, one can use the official app along with this mod. In this way, up to 6 accounts can be established.

Final Verdict

In comparison, we get to know that each version (simple and mod) has its own pros and cons. If privacy is invincible in simple version, then mod has extra priceless privileges. If mod has more themes and fonts, then simple version has high compatibility. So, it’s completely up to the user that how and what he/she wants. In terms of outstanding features, modes like FM Whatsapp, always win the battle of comparison.


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