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FM WhatsApp Apk is a mod like other mods, such as GB WA and Download WhatsApp Blue. With this mod, people can access to those features, which are either unavailable or illegal in official apps. To enjoy an edge over other people, these mods are must-have apps. Their download procedure is somewhat tricky and changed from common apps. Their features and details are given below.

FM WhatsApp Apk Download

Who says that in the online world, you cannot enjoy your private life? You can enjoy privacy, even in the online world. Indeed, there are some applications, which leak users’ data as well as obliterate personal boundaries. Yet, there are some apps, which not only take care of users’ privacy but also enhance it. A case in point is WhatsApp Apk, which is an online messaging and calling app.

There are different versions of this available like the web version etc. Since the invention of this tool, life has become a doddle for students, businessmen, teachers, merchants, housewives, and every sector of society. Making the process of connectivity fast, they have engendered some problems too. These minor problems can be solved easily – by merely installing modified versions like Deezer App

Update FM Whatsapp

Name FM WhatsApp
Size 20.94
File Type Apk File
Must-have Android 4.1 or iOS 12
Charges Free of Cost
Specialization Recover Deleted Messages

Features of FM WhatsApp Apk Download

Enjoy these features in this allotropic app:

Terminate “Forwarded” Tag

Whenever you forward anything on WhatsApp or let’s say any other messaging app, there’s a tag on that saying “Forwarded.” In this way, the recipient gets to know that you don’t own that message or media file. Therefore, in FM WhatsApp Update, this negative aspect has been obliterated. Not only does it removes that idiosyncratic tag, but also delivers the message in such a way, that no one can distinguish that either you own it or not.

FM Whatsapp Latest Version APK Download

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Suspension of “Last Seen”

At times, we don’t feel comfortable, when people follow us. In WhatsApp messenger, there’s a feature, by which users can see their contacts’ last seen. This practice is more cringe than it seems. It sabotages privacy. Therefore, in this mod, naming FM WhatsApp, there will be no visibility of any last seen. No matter who is on the other side of the phone, he/she will be unable to know about last activity of yours.

FM Whatsapp App

No Blue Ticks, Unless You Reply

In WhatsApp, there’s a feature, about which people have mixed reactions. Some people like it while other see it with loathing sight. This feature is known as “Blue Ticks”. In this feature, two blue ticks are shown to the sender, when his recipient has read the message. It disrupts the privacy of the receiver. In this case, what should be done to avoid this fuss? Of course, FM WhatsApp 2 should be installed, since it wouldn’t depict 2 ticks, unless you have replied. This is superb feature, isn’t it?

FM WhatsApp Update 2023

Conceal “Typing or Recording” Description

When you type a message, there appears a sign under your profile, states what are you doing? Either you are typing or recording? Sometimes, during typing a message or recoding a voice mail, we change our mind and cancel that. But it doesn’t leave well impact on the other side of the receiver, who was continuously watching our sign. To avoid this shame, we had better give a go to FM WhatsApp Apk. Because, here, all such signs can be concealed professionally.

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New Ways to Share Your Location

With this brilliant application, the user can share his/her live location to anyone from contact list. The option is easily available to anyone and can be used without any trouble. Once you select the recipient, it would start sharing the live location within the certain time limit, you’ve set. From 5 minutes to 1 hour, it’s up to you. Furthermore, one can obliterate sharing location at any moment.

People Ask FAQs

Why FMWhatsApp is known as this name?

Primarily, it was built by an expert developer Fouad Mokdad and his team. Since he engendered this mod, therefore it was named after him.

Despite the availability of the original app, why do people crave for mod?

It’s quite simple: because of modified features. All the features, you’ve read above, are the features of the mod. Such features cannot be found in simple version.

How deleted messages can be recovered in the app, since it’s end-to-end encrypted?

Well, as far as this encryption is concerned, then it’s unavailable in this mod. Here, your messages go to a temporary drive, and they are transferred to recipients from that drive. Even if they get deleted, they can be recovered from that temporary drive.


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