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March 07, 2024
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Happy Mall Story is a simulation game. In which, from the construction of the shopping mall to its decoration, everything is part of the gameplay. Become a shopping mall tycoon by managing the tremendous mall with a plethora of shops. Attract cute customers and enjoy the limitless rewards.

Happy Mall Story Mod APK

Happy Mall Story Mod permits you to go through the several stages of the construction of a shopping mall. After you have built it, now it’s time for the adornment. Adorn the shops, floor, walls, tables, and other stuff. When you’re done, then customers will be visiting your mall. Your services should be so good that they must be compelled to spend money and shop from your outlets. And if you feel your sales go down, then enable Fever Mode, it can assist you a lot. Just spread the smiles through your services and enjoy the best rewarding system

Features of Happy Mall Story Mod APK Download

The following features are available in this game:

Rags to Riches

When the game begins, there is nothing in your mall. Even the mall doesn’t exist. Then you start building your shopping mall. New floors are built along with the aesthetical ceilings. Then the shops are constructed for which, one has to pay money. However, initial some shops are free. Then items are kept in the shops, according to their genres. In less than no time, one realizes that one has gone from rags to riches.

Happy Mall Story Mod APK Unlimited Coins and Gems

120+ Shops of Different Items

Since the shopping mall is a collection of shops, so there is a slew of shops inside your mall. There can be more than 120 shops in one shopping mall. The shops are kind of expensive, but all the investment returns in just a few days. There are shops of various genres, ranging from burger shops to beauty saloons. Shoes and garments can also be shopped through your shopping malls. Make sure that you open the right start-up at the right time.

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Shoppers are too Cute

In the real world, most shoppers are always complaining about products and eatables. They cause headaches and no one wants to deal with such shoppers. Unlike such dull and complaining shoppers, in Happy Mall Story, they’re too cute to be ignored. There are 30+ types of shoppers. They belong to different races and their color, tone, and attires are different. But there’s one thing common in all shoppers – which is cuteness. They get unlocked with time. Their conversation with the shopkeepers is probably the most enjoyable thing in the entire game.

Happy Mall Story Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Players From the Entire World

There is not only one shopping mall in the game. Rather, there are hundreds of malls, and different players control and manage those shopping malls. In this way, a competitive environment is created. You can connect with other players and invite your friends to the game. However, it can also be played without an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Whether you want to play it offline or online – both style work perfectly for Happy Mall Story Apk.

Specialized Fever Mode

Tangible to the main gameplay, there comes a particular mode known as Fever Mode. In this mode, everything gets buckled up and the speed of the game is multiplied. Customers come and visit your mall with unprecedented abundance. Withal to this, the shoppers spend unprecedented money too. So, this Fever Mode is the quickest way to make money in Happy Mall Story Cheat.

Facts About Happy Mall Story MOD Menu

  • Taking pictures of your shopping mall and sharing them can be proven extremely rewarding. Because, by doing so, you are given coins, which are utilized in a slew of activities.
  • Do not dare to change your device, thinking that it would sync your progress – it would not sync your data. Consequently, you might end up losing your progress.
  • Watching one advertisement gives you 1 gem. And gems are extremely valuable due to their rarity.
  • Turn your focus on the collection of stars. Because by doing so you can unlock fever mode. And fever mode earns you a lot of money.


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