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YoWhatsApp Apk Download is an allotropic form of the giant messaging app by Meta. This is  2 in 1 package, where the original skeleton was covered by the flesh of modified features. Terrific themes; notification for online; messaging to an unsaved number; undisturbed media quality, and selection of favorite contact numbers, are some of the additional features of this Apk file.

YoWhatsApp APK Download (Official)

Believe it or not, but WhatsApp has become an inseparable factor of ours. After air, water and food, social media (particularly WhatsApp) is our fourth necessity. Living without it, seems like a deadly nightmare. According to research, 8 out of 10 smartphone users, use WhatsApp as their primary source of messaging and chatting. But, there are some drawbacks of this app too. Which compelled the developers to make a modified variation of the app.

Yo WhatsApp is the result of developers’ extreme endeavors to make something new. Like hundreds of other mods, this Apk file also has additional features. But owing to its bottommost style, it conquers the battle of comparison with other mods. A minor description of its premium features is elaborated below, by which this app becomes a must-try app.

Name Yo WhatsApp
Size 9.74
File Type Apk File
Must-have Android 5.0 or iOS 12
Charges Free of Cost
Specialization Anti Ban

Features of YoWhatsApp APK

Get the following features in this special messenger:

Terrific Yo Themes

Themes play a great role in our chatting with others. They have subtle, yet undeniable value. A refreshing theme can vanish all of your mind’s tiredness. Unfortunately, there is an extremely low number of themes in official as well as mod WhatsApp. However, this mod has an exclusive personal theme store, where a slew of special themes are available. And guess what? They’re all free. Woohoo!

Don’t Wait for Others to Get Online

Have you ever waited for someone else to get online? Waiting for someone is pathetic and tiresome. From now on, you will not be waiting, because this app will be sending you notifications, whenever your target number gets online. Furthermore, all other contact numbers will be glowing with a green circle. Which means they’re online too. But, to make things simpler, GBWhatsApp will be sending notifications for selected contacts.

Unsaved Number? No Worries!

At times we go to any shop to print a page or something else. The shopkeeper asks us to send that file to him on his number via WhatsApp number. Ridiculously, we have to save his number and then send that file to him. After that, we don’t message him again. Now rewind and think for a moment that, was that appropriate to do? Of course not! Therefore, in Yo WhatsApp Gold Apk Download, you don’t even have to indulge in the tiring process of saving someone’s contact number. Just directly type the number and have a temporary chat.

Jaw-dropping Quality of Media

In all kinds of messaging apps (including original WhatsApp), the gigantic problem is that they sabotage the quality of media file, shared through them. A picture of megabytes turns into KBs. A high-definition video reaches as a foggy low-quality piece of crap. But why to worry when YOWA has taken the responsibility to deliver your media files safely with ultra-high quality. Even the size of the file would remain same, if not enhanced.

Only Favorite Calls

If you’re a celebrity or business tycoon, then the only frustrating thing in your life must be a lot of unknown calls. Indeed this is pathetic and luckily it can be stopped, since you can choose the ones, who should call you. Other numbers will get directly blocked, if they dare to make a call. According to the developers, not everyone deserves to have a call with you. FMWhatsApp Update also offers the same feature.

Conceal Contact’s DP

In our contact list, there are some special contacts too. We don’t want others to see those special contact numbers. The first thing that comes to our minds is to save that number with a changed name, so that no one could know. But the display pictures (DP) on those contact numbers spill the beans. In this regard, this modified variation has a winsome feature, by which you can hide any contact number’s profile picture. Besides, you can do the same for yourself.

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Drawbacks of Yowhatsapp APK

  • There is no official store of this app, which makes it difficult for users to read reviews; update the app, and establish credibility.
  • Owing to the unavailable official company, manual of installation is adopted. Downloading Apk file and then installing it.
  • Due to developing 3rd party, end-to-end encryption cannot be practiced thereby privacy falls at stake.
  • Untested or less checked variation of this messaging app, leads to bugs and errors in the device.
  • Less languages are enabled in this mod, as compared to official applications, published by authentic publishers.
  • This mod is prone to hackers and other thieves, because of less secure system and indulgence of 3rd party.


Why this messaging app is known as YO?

Since, it was built by a Jordanian developer, Youssef, therefore it is called YoWhatsApp. First two letters of its developer and the name of the app combine and make this new name. Because it was not built at the first place, instead the already available app was modified.

Will my account get banned, if I start using this variation of WhatsApp?

The odds of your account getting banned, for using this variation, are quite low. Because, in recent years, WhatsApp decided to ban such accounts, but later, the decision was taken down. So, by now, there’s no threat to your account.

How does it differ from GB WhatsApp?

All modes, are the same up to an extent. They all share common ends, offering same features in different ways. However, some element creates a difference among these modes. That element is theme store. One finds different themes in stores of these modes.


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